Emerging Leaders

We help you help your community.

Sioux Empire United Way’s Emerging Leaders are tomorrow’s community leaders and philanthropists – and we’re always welcoming new members.

What We’re All About

Our growing network of enthusiastic young professionals learn, grow, and get their hands dirty in partnership with the Sioux Empire United Way’s large group of supported agencies.
We help members gain a better understanding of the human service needs – providing for children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis – in our very own community.

Benefits of Being an Emerging Leader

● Connect with like-minded professionals in casual, volunteer-based settings.
● Get to know non-profit professionals and find your passions through forums – available virtually!
● Join group or individual (on your own time) volunteer opportunities –it’s all planned for you.
● Make a direct impact in the Sioux Empire.

Are you ready to be a catalyst in your community?

If you’ve been asking yourself how to volunteer in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas, look no further.
We’re excited to get to know you!
If you’re a young professional under the age of 40 determined to create a stronger, healthier community, come together with next-gen Sioux Empire leaders as a member of Emerging Leaders.

Have an idea or question? We’re all ears.

Provide us with feedback! If you have event ideas or inquires, submit feedback here.
See what’s coming next!

Calendar of Events 

Check out our events calendar to see how you can get involved! 

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee Applications are open! 

A message from our Chair, Krista May

Chair Krista May, Infrastructure Design Group, Inc
Anna Jankord, Midco
Andy Berg, Missouri River Energy Services
Breanna Garbers, First Bank & Trust
Kelsey Fonkert, Vervant
Mariah Larson, Lawrence & Schiller
Micki Noyes, RSA
Sara Mitchell, Midco


Frequently Asked Questions

What does my membership fee go toward?

Your annual $25 member fee allows us to continue to provide free lunch at our educational forums, fun event prizes and also goes toward our annual event. It helps our group remain self-sustaining!

How often do I have to volunteer?

Volunteer as often as you’d like! To really grow your network and get to know nonprofit leaders in our community, we highly encourage regular participation.

How often does Emerging Leaders hold events?

We provide at least one event per month, sometimes more depending on the community’s need. We provide a mix of events, including informational events – also known as lunch and learns – and hands-on events where we go on-site to pack meals, build playgrounds, plant trees, and more.

What benefits do I get from volunteering? 

Volunteering makes you happier! When you volunteer, you’re accomplishing something important and impactful – and that’s a good feeling.
Bonus: It can help your career by growing your resume and expanding your network!

Can Emerging Leaders come volunteer for us?

We’d love to hear more about an opportunity to help your organization. Email us with information about the event or your organization’s needs and we’ll get back to you.

We can’t wait to meet you!