Our Impact

Sioux Empire United Way addresses many needs across the community. Needs that are ever present. 

  • 84% of Sioux Falls school-aged children live in households where all parents work outside the home.
  • The US Census Bureau estimates that 27,680 in the Sioux Empire four-county area are aged 65 or older, while 31% of older adults have a disability and 28% live near the poverty level.
  • In South Dakota, 54% of adults in need of mental health services do not receive counseling or other types of treatment.

In 2020, our community has rallied together to help one another. The spirit of the Sioux Empire is a generous one – looking out for friends, families and neighbors. That is also the core spirit of Sioux Empire United Way.

We unite our community together to tackle our community’s needs head on. Our agencies quickly respond to help meet the needs of children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis. Thanks to Sioux Empire United Way:

  • Children of essential workers and parents working outside the home are provided continuous quality childcare, with school-aged afterschool care quickly shifting into all day care when our community needs it. 1,140 children are in safe, quality childcare setting through Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire, Embe, KIDSTOP, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, United Childcare and Preschool, and Volunteers of America, Dakotas. Learn more
  • Vulnerable adults are provided solutions to meet their basic needs and combat loneliness felt by physical distancing. 500 nutritious meals are delivered to older adults’ homes daily and 120 older adults remain in contact through phone, letters and video chats through Active Generations, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, and Helpline Center. Learn more
  • People in crisis have a centralized resource in our community to turn to. Since March, Helpline Center has experienced a 94% increase in calls to 2-1-1. Callers were provided resources for health care, food, financial assistance, and other needs. This created a uniformed approach to a community health and economic crisis. Learn more

Learn more about how your support of Sioux Empire United Way helps children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis.