Funding Opportunities

Sioux Empire United Way accepts applications from non-profit entities that serve a need among children, vulnerable adults, or people in crisis. Each proposal is reviewed in a competitive pool of applications and funding decisions are determined by community volunteers.  


  • The agency must be incorporated and operate as a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.

  • The agency should operate in a health/social service, recreation, or character-building field.

  • The need for the program must be substantiated.

  • There must be an operational funding deficit.

  • The services provided must take place in Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha or Turner Counties.

  • The impact on the lives of the individuals served must be demonstrated through specific outcome measurements. 

On-Going Funding Process

  • Funding through this process is typically awarded for programs that provide direct services.

  • The agency and program must have completed two full years of service in the community.

  • If you are an agency or program new to the On-Going funding process, you must first complete this short questionnaire. A United Way staff person will contact you regarding next steps. 


For additional information about either funding process, please contact our office by phone 605-336-2095.