Heart Club

Individuals who contribute to Sioux Empire United Way at a level of $500 or more annually are recognized as a Heart Club member. 

Sioux Empire United Way's Heart Club was founded in 1984 by Herb Bowden with 124 members who raised a total of $76,900.  That first year Heart Club pledges represented just over 4% of the campaign total.

During the 2022 Campaign, 6,414 individuals invested with their hearts contributing through Heart Club $5,359,249 towards the campaign, 53% of all the dollars raised.

This includes 926 individuals that chose to give at the Rising Heart level.  Rising Heart givers pledge a minimum of $5/week with a plan to increase by $1/week for five years.

Your gift at a leadership level demonstrates your desire to participate personally in achieving strong, positive, and lasting results in our community. Sioux Empire United Way and our partner agencies wish to express gratitude to those individuals who have chosen to better the lives of others through participation in the Heart Club.

Check out our 2022 Heart Club book.

Heart Club Giving Levels

  • Rising Heart ($250 - $499)

  • Golden Heart ($500 - $749)

  • Golden Heart Plus ($750 - $999)

  • Grand Heart ($1,000 - $1,499) 

  • Grand Heart Plus ($1,500 - $1,999)

  • Heart of a Leader Bronze ($2,000 - $3,499) 

  • Heart of a Leader Silver ($3,500 - $4,999) 

  • Heart of a Leader Gold ($5,000 - $9,999) 

  • Alexis de Tocqueville Society ($10,000 or more)

Heart Club Recognition

Any individual or couple who gives at the Rising Heart level or above will receive a Heart Club booklet with their name listed and the option to receive a wooden plaque as a thank you.

Gifts from Both Spouses

Couples may combine their gifts for the Heart Club. One plaque is given per $500 gift. (If a couple’s combined gift is $500, they may receive one plaque together. If a couple’s combined gift is $1,000 or more, they may each receive a plaque.) Couples are listed under their employers in the Heart Club booklet.  Example:

Sioux Empire United Way: Steve & Sandy Anderson

Sioux Falls School District: Sandy and Steve Anderson

Couples must contact United Way's office if they wish to combine their gift. Please call 336-2095 for more information.