Meet Our Newest Funded Agencies: Toy Lending Library and Lost&Found!

Logos for Toy Lending Library of South Dakota, Sioux Empire United Way, and Lost&Found

After announcing the 2024 campaign achievement at the annual Thank You Event, SEUW is excited to introduce the two newest partner agencies: Toy Lending Library of South Dakota and Lost&Found!

Funding these two agencies and their community programming wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our community. It's because of you that we are able to provide funding to these agencies that are actively making a difference in the lives of children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis across the Sioux Empire.

Take a moment to learn about our two newest agencies below.


Toy Lending Library South Dakota Logo


Toy Lending Library of South Dakota

The Toy Lending Library of South Dakota is dedicated to creating opportunities for children ages zero to five years old to enhance their learning and development through the power of play. With a focus on inclusion and accessibility, they curate toy boxes filled with educational toys and books, carefully designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and skill development. Families can borrow these toy boxes from any of their distribution locations, free of charge, to enjoy at home. After playing and learning, they can stop by over 16 locations to return their box and pickup another, ensuring that children always have access to new and exciting resources. With over 700 toy boxes checked out each month, the Toy Lending Library is making a significant impact on early childhood development in our community.

According to one parent and special education teacher, "The Toy Lending Library does an amazing job making sure they have a variety toys that meets the needs of many different developmental levels of children. They also strive to create a strong sense of community and keep a focus on sustainability. The diverse selection ensures that there is always something new and stimulating. It is like having access to a toy store without the financial and environmental burden of constantly purchasing new toys. The Toy Lending Library has become an integral part of our routine, enhancing our lives with joy, learning, and community."


Lost and Found Logo



Lost&Found, a nonprofit focused on preventing suicide among young adults, is a beacon of hope for those affected by suicide loss. Through their "Survivors Joining for Hope" (SJ4H) program, they offer direct support to individuals and families navigating the aftermath of a suicide loss. This program provides financial assistance for funeral expenses and other costs associated with the loss of a loved one. At Lost&Found, they believe that no one should face grief alone. Their mission is to provide comprehensive, data-driven support to youth and young adults and their support networks, walking alongside individuals and families during their time of need. With Lost&Found, survivors of suicide loss find not only financial support but also a community that understands and cares deeply about their journey toward healing and hope.

According to a recipient of their services, they were "amazed at how simple the application was. It didn't feel invasive at all during this hard time. Lost&Found contacted me late afternoon the same day to inform me they approved our application and that they would take care of next steps with the funeral home. I was so relieved. In a time like this every little bit helps and I was just grateful for the assistance. Lost&Found has continued to follow up with me and my family since the incident and have provided great resources and support.”


Interested in learning more about our funded agencies & the work they're doing across the Sioux Empire, click here!