Volunteers and Local Organizations connected through Helpline Center


COVID-19 significantly altered organizational needs. Some organizations have seen a dramatic rise in the number of volunteers they have needed. Other organizations have had to cancel or completely alter the ways in which they utilize volunteers. With all of these changes, the Volunteer Connections program through Helpline Center has been able to provide assistance by supporting volunteer managers that are feeling overwhelmed.

Becky, Volunteer Coordinator at LifeScape wrote the following: "Thank you for your encouragement and support. The Helpline is so very critical to all of us non-profits. I need to continue to think differently from a Volunteer Coordinator perspective, as volunteers can’t come into LifeScape, probably for a long time. Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts with me. I’m always open to suggestions. I love my job and love the impact I can help facilitate in all lives. Thank you for all YOU do!"

In addition to assisting local volunteer managers manage their volunteer components, Helpline Center's Volunteer Connections also helps direct individuals and groups that are wanting to give back through volunteerism. Referrals to onsite volunteer opportunities at local nonprofits, Do-It-Yourself projects that could be completed safely, and more are managed through Helpline.

A local bank employee stated: "For our paid volunteer day, a coworker and I made eight self-care kits. We really enjoyed making them last Friday and have already delivered them to the nonprofit you suggested. Thank you so much for sending these DIY ideas. I'm working to do as much virtually from home as I can!"

The people of the Sioux Empire continue to be generous with our time and talents, and Helpline Center continues to provide the connection from those looking to help, to those needing help.