Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

705 E 41st St, Suite 200 Sioux Falls SD 57105


Funded Programs:

After School & Summer Programs – provides a safe and supervised environment for elementary children from Cleveland, Terry Redlin, Rosa Parks, Elementary Immersion Center, and Hawthorne Elementary Schools in the hours after school. The programs combine academic enrichment with cultural and recreational activities. Tuition assistance is available to make care affordable for families. Locations (all in Sioux Falls):  1312 S. Bahnson Ave., 1300 E 10th St.;  Phone:  605-759-8038.

Arise Youth Center/East, Evening Report Center - an alternative to juvenile detention for youth ages 10 to 17. It provides supervision and learning support during the hours that youth may be more likely to be unsupervised at home and have more opportunities to get into further trouble.

Behavioral Health Services – provides affordable counseling services to everyone. Offers a sliding fee based on income for outpatient counseling sessions. Location: 705 E. 41st St., Ste. 100, Sioux Falls, SD 57105; Phone: 605-444-7631, toll-free 1-800-568-2401

Better Together* - establish trusting relationships and regular social opportunities between independently living older adults and volunteers. Location: 705 E 41st St., Ste 220, Sioux Falls SD 57105; Phone: 605-444-7803 

Center for Financial Resources – provides confidential and professional financial, bankruptcy, student loan and housing counseling; money management and homebuyer education; debt management programs and credit report reviews. Location: 705 E. 41st St., Ste. 100, Sioux Falls, SD 57105;  Phone: 605-330-2700, toll-free 1-888-258-2227

Climb - matches at-risk youth with a caring adult volunteer role model, through community-based mentoring. Serves youth ages 7-14. Location: 705 E 41st St., Ste 220, Sioux Falls SD 57105; Phone: 605-444-7803.

Everyday Heroes - empowers youth to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers. Mentors serve in all 11 public school districts in Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties. Location: 705 E 41st St., Ste 220, Sioux Falls SD 57105Phone: 605-444-7803.

Family Violence Project - educational and therapeutic interventions to male and female adult offenders. Location: 300 E 6th St, Sioux Falls SD 57103; Phone: 1-800-568-2401

Re-Entry Services - assists people who have recently been released from jail or prison to successfully re-integrate into their families and communities. Location: 300 E 6th St., Sioux Falls SD 57103; Phone: 1-800-568-2401 

Here4Youth - provides out-of-school-time care and a full-time summer program to children of all abilities, while specializing in the provision of services to children with disabilities. Services are for children 3 to 21 years of age. Location: 300 E. 6th St., Sioux Falls, SD 57103; Phone: 605-271-6327

PATH* - Provides counseling/mental health services directly to students in need at their school. By taking the services directly to the students, barriers such as lack of financial resources, lack of transportation, parent work schedules, stigma, etc. are eliminated. Phone: 605-444-7631, toll-free 1-800-568-2401

USucceed* - empowers youth through an innovative mentoring program for high school students who live or attend school in Minnehaha or Lincoln County. Mentors and students commit to four years of active participation throughout the students' high school years. Locaton: 705 E 41st St., Ste 220, Sioux Falls SD 57105; Phone: 605-444-7803