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We're Fighting for People in Crisis

Many of us have experienced a crisis at one point or another in our lives. Our world was turned upside down, and for a period of time, we struggled. While some of us had the necessary support systems in place, whether that be friends, family, or financials means to get through that difficult time, for many, those supports simply do not exist. This is where your gift to United Way becomes so important. It is your gift that allows a young mom and her children to flee from an abusive situation. It is your support that keeps a family in their home when a major car repair or medical bill makes it impossible to also pay the rent. It is your commitment that is saving lives through United Way’s community-wide defibrillator program. 

Here are six examples of how you help people in crisis:

  • 2,629 households receive financial assistance or gently used furniture to secure or maintain stable housing and furnish it. This is especially beneficial for children receiving a bed, as research shows that lack of sleep causes irritability, increased stress, forgetfulness, difficulties with learning and low motivation.

  • 312 households utilize transitional or affordable housing, or case management and one-on-one assistance to achieve independent housing stability. The work of these programs strengthens families, increases self-sufficiency, and life skills. 

  • 976 women and children were provided with a safe shelter when escaping a domestic violence situation. Shelter services are free of charge and include: meals, personal care items, case management for employement, housing and legal needs, parenting education, and counseling.

  • 25,431 calls are answered and provided information and referrals about human services for every day needs and during times of crisis.

  • 558 professional mental health counseling sessions are provided to students each month in their school. This eliminates barriers, such as transportation, costs, and school and work schedules to seeking mental health care.

  • 190 families are provided with nurse-home visits during pregnancy, after delivery, and through their child’s third birthday. Research shows nurse family partnership programs improve prenatal health, lead to fewer childhood injuries, and increase maternal employment.


Learn how your gift helps students in need of counseling services.


Learn how your gift helps families achieve and maintain permanent housing.

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