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We're Fighting For Vulnerable Adults

“I finally have a good friend.” That is a direct quote from a woman to whom you provided companionship to through your gift to United Way. Having given so much to our community throughout their lives, it is a privilege to give back to our older generation. Your gift to United Way helps our aging population to continue to live independently in their own homes by providing meals, transportation, assistance with household chores, and companionship. Your gift also supports individuals, who live with dementia or some type of disability, and their caregivers. It feels great to make a difference!

Here are six examples of how you help vulnerable adults:

  • 68 older adults are matched with an adult volunteer for recreational and social opportunities. Matches go on outings, talk, pursue hobbies, and may also assist with the older adult’s needs such as grocery shopping and occasional transportation. 

  • 245 individuals with disabilities are provided with social, recreational, and quality of life activities to improve their relationships with peers and our community. Inclusive recreation allows for improvements in physical well-being, prevention of secondary conditions, and social growth.

  • 219,947 meals are provided to people ages 60 and over in a congregate or home-delivered setting. Older adults require nutrient-rich foods for healthy aging and prevention of chronic disease.

  • 180 individuals who are cared for by a loved one have a safe place to be during the day. This allows them to remain in their homes longer and gives their caregivers time to work, run errands, or focus on taking care of their own mental and physical health. The average participant delays the need for a long-term care facility by 22 months.

  • 1,645 horse therapy sessions are provided to individuals with disabilities, improving their physical abilities, self-esteem, and indepence.

  • 3,658 jobs are completed by volunteers for older adults, enabling them to remain in their homes longer. Tasks completed include minor home repair, lawn care, and transportation to and from medical appointments. AARP’s 2018 survey found 76% of adults age 50 or older want to stay in their home, but only 46% thought it would be possible.

Learn more about how you help deliver meals to older adults in their homes.

Learn more about you help provide care during the day for adults who are unable to be in their homes alone.


Click here for the full list of programs helping vulnerable adults across the Sioux Empire.