We're Fighting For Children

Sioux Empire United Way invests in our community’s youth. We provide quality, early childhood education and ensure that school-age youth have a safe place to be when they’re not in school, but cannot be at home. Mental health care is a priority and available to students through their schools. Investing in children is investing in our community’s future. Your gift to Sioux Empire United Way helps:
  • 1,140 children are provided with a quality childcare program that provides age-appropriate care and education. The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis documents that early childhood education is an economic investment – for every $1 spent on early education, you see a $7 return later in life. Learn more.
  • 10,263 books are mailed to children under the age of five each month. One study reports how when children are read to for one hour per day, they enter school with a vocabulary three times larger than students who are only read to 30 hours total during their first five years. Learn more.
  • 408 students were provided with access to mental health counseling services directly through their schools. This enables students to have mental health care in their school or, now, through telehealth options. Learn more.

Click here to see our full list of programs that help children across the Sioux Empire.