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Accomplishing Goals Leads to Self-Sufficiency

Sioux Falls Housing & Redevelopment Commission’s Family Self-Sufficiency program assists low-income individuals and adult family members who are receiving housing assistance with eliminating barriers to attaining education and employment skills. Last year, 133 participants received one-on-one assistance and had the opportunity to attend different workshops. The program was completed by 8 participants last year. Of those graduates, 5 became totally or partially self-sufficient (no longer needing housing assistance) and 1 became a home owner. Here’s a note from one of those recent graduates:

It is a bittersweet moment. On one hand, I am proud of myself for graduating and no longer needing housing assistance. On the other hand, I am very nervous as to how life is going to be for me and my children. When I first received housing assistance, my kids were very young, and I was a single mother and received no help from my kids’ father. I am so thankful that I was able to receive assistance. Since I have been with Family Self-Sufficiency, I have accomplished the goals that I set. I have a job that I consider a career, and in the future, there are possibilities to move up to leadership positions. At the moment, I work two jobs. My goal is to only need one job. I also have improved my credit score. I currently receive no assistance, no TANF, no SNAP, and no Medicaid for my kids. I attend counseling, which has helped me with my relationships so much. My kids and my relationship is healthy. Thank you for the opportunity and all the help and guidance. – Single mother, 41, 2 kids, graduated from program with $5921.82 in savings to apply to her long-term housing goals.

Your gift to Sioux Empire United Way helps provide a path to self-sufficiency through financial assistance, credit counseling, transitional housing, and more. The Family Self-Sufficiency program is just one example of how we help people in crisis, click here to learn more.