2021 Campaign Positive Changes Blog Series : Jeans Day Twist

While many of us have enjoyed casual Friday every day of the week these last few months, Sioux Falls Ford employees enjoyed this year’s Jeans Day twist.
Jeans Days are always a big hit during Sioux Empire United Way rallies and campaign time. Some businesses use these as incentives and others use it as an extra event to raise additional funds, either way, it is always positive way to show the community your support to the Sioux Empire communities.
This year, Sioux Falls Ford decided they would make a few adjustments to their campaign to add United Way casual Fridays. Any employee who pledged $100 or more to SEUW received a United Way branded t-shirt and the ability to wear jeans with their shirt on Fridays throughout the 4th quarter.
“Our team had a lot of fun with this year’s campaign,” said Ed Bloom, General Manager. The updated United Way day drove an amazing increase in giving and enabled Sioux Falls Ford to highlight their support of the community through United Way.