Caring for Children

More than 1,400 children are provided with a quality childcare program across the Sioux Empire, thanks to funding support from Sioux Empire United Way in several childcare programs. Early childhood education is a key component of our childcare programs and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis documents that early childhood education is an economic investment – for every $1 spent on early education, you see a $7 return.

Stephanie and her daughters Alice (4) and Dahlia (2) benefit from your support of Sioux Empire United Way through their enrollment at Boys & Girls Clubs Early Learning Academy. When the girls enrolled in the program two years ago, Alice was lagging behind in verbal and social skills and Dahlia demonstrated delays in her physical and cognitive development and was also underweight for her age.

Stephanie worked full time, but had no support from her girls’ father. Child Care Assistance enabled her daughters to be able to attend the high-quality childcare program initially. Recently, a positive update in Stephanie’s finances meant her income was over the threshold to continue to receive Child Care Assistance, but the full cost of childcare would create a hardship in Stephanie’s monthly budget. Thanks to Boys & Girls Clubs partnership with Sioux Empire United Way, Stephanie was able to stay enrolled through a tiered scholarship program.

“We love Boys & Girls Clubs so much. The staff is part of our family and I can’t imagine the girls not being here.” Alice is now thriving in the pre-k room and on target developmentally. Dahlia is also experiencing gains particularly in her vocabulary, talking in full sentences. She also is recognizing shapes and colors.

A gift to Sioux Empire United Way of $160 will provide one week of quality childcare for an infant or toddler through one of our funded childcare programs.