Literacy Leads to Stable Employment

“All my life, I thought since I didn’t know how to read or write the only job I could ever have is labor.” Chris came to REACH for help in 2014. He’s passionate about construction, says it motivates him and keeps him on the go. But he began to feel as it wasn’t enough. 

REACH Adult Literacy/Tutoring provides tutoring to adults in order to improve their reading, writing, and living skills. The services are available to participants without a fee, thanks to funding through Sioux Empire United Way. 

“I realized if I can’t perform when I’m older and I can’t read it’s going to be harder to support myself. I need to think about my kids and our future.” A single dad of four, Chris hopes to improve his reading and writing well enough to earn his GED. Ultimately, he wants to own his own construction company someday. He acknowledges that’s a long term goal, but it keeps him working hard. Chris worked with his tutor, Bob. Chris works at Malloy Electric and just recently earned his CDL license to drive truck. He makes time to continue to study and his institute a 30 minute reading time each night for his children. “Since coming here, I can tell it’s benefiting me and my life. I can read better. I perform better at work. I can sit down and read books to my kids. I can’t believe there’s a program like this, I hope they touch a lot more people throughout the years and give them the same hope they’ve given me.” 

Last year, REACH provided 2,700 hours of tutoring to 170 adults. Of those, 90% achieved new competencies in basic communication, employment, government and law, learning and thinking skills, or independent living. A gift to Sioux Empire United Way of $500 will provide literacy instruction for 9 weeks to adult learners, like Chris.