Preventing loneliness and isolation one phone call at a time

Outreach SupportIsolation and loneliness can become overwhelming for older adults as they struggle to maintain independence. Helpline Center's Outreach Support program is an innovative approach to serving isolated or homebound older adults. The program utilizes telephone assurance as a mode of connection to reduce loneliness. It also provides the clients with information about additional community services they may be able to access.
In the past year, the pandemic had an overwhelming impact on older adults who were already facing isolation or loneliness. One previous client of Helpline Center reached back out to Outreach Support at the beginning of the pandemic looking for housing resources for her daughter.
Additional conversations followed, as Helpline Center provided support as the client dealt with her daughter's hospitalization from COVID-19, and eventual death. Outreach Support initiated contact every two weeks, as the client grieved and also faced caring for her grandson and his special needs. The wealth of resources and information within Helpline Center helped Outreach Support guide the client in planning for her grandson's care, working with his school, and locating suitable housing for their new needs. "It's good to talk to somebody who can talk about things like dying with me."
Last year, 78 individuals found support and caring with Outreach Support, thanks in part to your support of Sioux Empire United Way.