Providing access to mental health care

Mental health careCaring for mental health is crucial, but can be daunting to take the first step. Sioux Empire United Way funds a variety of counseling services, making the opportunity to seek care available to all members of the community.

"Having access to affordable counseling has changed my life," said a Family Service client. "I started counseling due to unhealthy relationships with my parents and a challenging work situation. I came in feeling worthless and not really sure if counseling would help. I realized the benefit of therapy right away."

Faced with a high deductible insurance plan, the client made the decision to adjust how often they could visit their counselor. A conversation with Family Service secured an affordable sliding fee scale, in part due to Sioux Empire United Way support.

"My life is completely different since starting therapy. I have healthy boundaries with my parents, I feel good about myself and I'm working at a place I enjoy. Every time I leave counseling, I feel better about my life and I look forward to the future. My counselor played a big role in helping me see my worth, strength, and value."

Last year, Family Service's Counseling services provided 9,554 hours of service were provided to 1,987 individuals including direct client contact, as well as work-related contacts with employers and contact with DSS, courts, schools, etc.