Thank You Sioux Empire!


Sioux Empire United Way announced this morning that the 2021 Campaign effort successfully exceeded its fundraising goal, raising $10,044,959. The campaign was supported by 700 local businesses and 22,000 individuals.

“To have a successful campaign in a year like we’ve just had is just one more example of how our Sioux Empire community always steps up and supports one another,” said Joel Sylvester, 2021 Volunteer Campaign Chair. “This was no small effort. It required our leaders and volunteers to get creative and stay motivated. It was truly a year when every dollar made a difference.”

In-person rallies, chili feeds, and jeans days gave way to online scavenger hunts, virtual dance parties, and online pledge forms in the evolution of the campaign efforts in the year of a pandemic. Campaign volunteers developed safe options that would work for employee campaigns based on their current work environment.

The funds raised by Sioux Empire United Way will be used by 42 local organizations to provide services to children, vulnerable adults, and people in crisis this year. Affordable and quality childcare, meals for older adults, and transitional housing for homeless individuals and families are just a few examples of the work of Sioux Empire United Way agencies.

Visit throughout the week as we celebrate our success, recognizing several businesses and individuals who shared the good through Sioux Empire United Way this year.