Volunteer Spotlight: Brian Bird

Sioux Empire United Way is very grateful for the leaders of our community who give their time, energy, and passion to our organization. We are grateful for our campaign volunteers who give countless hours building relationships with community leaders and business owners year after year to help Sioux Empire United Way meet our fundraising goal. We have over 600 volunteers who assist with the campaign in some way. During this Volunteer Sportlight segment, we are going to introduce you to our division chairs who serve on the Campaign Cabinet. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for continuous updates.
Name: Brian Bird
Sioux Empire United Way Volunteer Role: Chair of Corporate Gifts 
Employer: NorthWestern Energy
How did you get involved with United Way? 
Shortly after I moved to Sioux Falls in 2005 I joined the Basic Needs Team through Community Impact and after 6 years with that group, I  transitioned to assist with Corporate Gifts on the campaign side.
What are you looking forward to this campaign year that will be extra helpful for you next year?
How this community responds to the Pandemic.  I think Sioux Falls will dig deep to help those who are suffering even more during this crisis.
How do continue to give back? 
My kids are grown up and moved on.  My wife and I participate in our company sponsored giving.  I am looking forward to our NorthWestern Energy team in Sioux Falls' volunteer activity with Feeding South Dakota in September. 
What program or agency do you feel is not as familiar to the community? 
Community Outreach is an organization that I wished could have a bigger role in the Sioux Empire.  I think their mission is really critical at this time.
Additional thoughts to share with our readers
Having grown up in Wisconsin, spent 15 years in the Twin Cities, and some time in Chicago, I became amazed at how the Sioux Falls community works together to get things done and support those in need.  I think we actually take it a bit for granted.  Not all communities are even close to how good we have it in Sioux Falls.