Volunteer Spotlight: Tim Klein

Sioux Empire United Way is very grateful for the leaders of our community who give their time, energy, and passion to our organization. We are grateful for our campaign volunteers who give countless hours building relationships with community leaders and business owners year after year to help Sioux Empire United Way meet our fundraising goal.  We have over 600 volunteers who assist with the campaign in some way. During this Volunteer Sportlight segment, we are going to introduce you to our division chairs who serve on the Campaign Cabinet.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for continuous updates.


Name: Tim Klein
Sioux Empire United Way Volunteer Role: Campaign Cabinet: Team 2 Chair 
Employer: Wells Fargo 

How did you get involved with Sioux Empire United Way's annual Campaign?
Brent Weiler many years ago recruited me to get involved as a campaigner.

What inspires you to keep returning?
I see and love how the United Way positively impacts our community and I want to be a part of that.
What program has made the biggest impact on you and your family?
Imagination Library comes to mind most, as my kids were growing up.
What do you look for when recruiting your team members and what is important to your team's success?
I look for someone who is not willing to accept “No” for an answer and seek alternative ways to deliver the message and needs of our community. Also having someone well connected in the community is always a plus to get that “in” into a business.
How else do you and your family give back to our community?
We are actively involved in our church. I have also been connected with Habitat for Humanity.