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Checking in with Harmony South Dakota

Harmony is a a free after-school and summer program that empowers children ages 7 and up and positively transforms lives through immersive music education and performance. Participation in choir, percussion ensembles, string orchestra, musicianship classes, and private instrumental lessons help children cultivate the life skills necessary to become healthy and compassionate citizens while fostering a harmonious community where everyone is known, loved, and valued.

After a successful 2019 Campaign, Harmony South Dakota is one of more than 80 programs receiving funds this year. Sioux Empire United Way's support of Harmony South Dakota means that nearly 70 students will participate in the program in the 19-20 school year, with each student receiving more than 500 hours of instruction.

One Harmony South Dakota parent shared this note with us:

My name is Maria and I am proud to say my children are part of Harmony South Dakota (a free after-school music program). Harmony gave Ian and Lupita the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument, sing, and learn a type of music that is not common in our culture. Thanks to Harmony, they have the opportunity that I would have wanted when I was growing up. They are part of a program where they learn morals. They learn not to give up at the first try, to keep trying because at the end their efforts will be rewarding. They are part of a program where they learn and have fun at the same time and where there are people who care about their feelings and what is happening around them. For my husband and I, this is very comforting that they have a place to go after school and they’re going to be safe.

The impact that Harmony has had on our family is wonderful. We now have two musicians; of which we are very proud. I call them my mariachi loco, so many memories, concerts, and field trips. I do not know if in the future they will follow the path of music, but what I’m sure is that Harmony will influence a lot of the decisions that they make and is always going to be a part of our lives.