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Ensuring Success by 6 with Health Systems Partnerships

Success by 6 is a bold claim, and a focus of Sioux Empire United Way since we rolled out a wide range of early childhood services under the Success by 6 umbrella in 2001. 

"We are so proud to be a part of introducing children of our community to reading," said Jay Powell, President of Sioux Empire United Way. "Reading to one's child is one of the most rewarding and memorable times for a parent."

The goal of Success by 6 programs is new parents have access to services and resources that can assist them during their child’s earliest years. The services start on day one. Each new parent at our community’s two health systems receives a packet of information at the hospital after birth. 

Among the services offered through Success by 6 to new parents are: online educational resources that cover different ages and milestones of their new baby’s life, the potential for phone or home visits for parents who are looking for additional education, and temperament assessments. 

New parents are also encouraged to enroll their babies in the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program before checking out of the hospital. The free program mails a book to a child each month until they turn 5. 

Along with the health system resources and Imagination Library, Sioux Empire United Way funds additional childcare and early childhood educational programs to ensure that youth of our community can thrive and succeed as they enter school.