Get To Know Our New Emerging Leaders Steering Committee Members

Emerging Leaders is represented by a 10-person Steering Committee team who help engage our members, plan events, and represent us on the SEUW Board of Directors. 

Get to know one of our two newest members. 

James Gaspar Name: James Gaspar, Business Development Specialist with Interstate Office Products 

 What tip do you have for others to give back and to get involved?

 I’d encourage anyone wanting to get more involved in the community to just reach out and engage with organizations that do work they are passionate about. Once you begin volunteering your time and talent to these organizations, and you express interest, it’s very easy to get involved at a leadership level on a Board of Directors, Steering Committee, or as an Event Chair. All you need to do is demonstrate your competence and interest.

 What is your favorite lunch meeting location?

Minervas or Josiah's for DTSF 

What is your favorite hidden gem of Sioux Falls? 

Hidden in plain sight – the DTSF Sculpture Walk. I look forward to new pieces each and every year to spice up downtown and keep it interesting. There are some extremely talented artists featured in the Sculpture Walk! 

How do you give back to our community?

a.    Raising private dollars to support the redevelopment of Hayward Park
b.    Raising investors to fund economic and workforce development activities in Sioux Falls for the next five years
c.    Chairing an auction to fund Bishop Dudley Hospitality House’s operations next year through the Catholic Community Foundation’s Taste the Goodness event
d.    Served as a Loaned Executive and Employee Campaign Manager for the 2021 Sioux Empire United Way campaign
e.    Serve as a Steering Committee member for the Sioux Falls Young Professionals Network and the Sioux Empire United Way Emerging Leaders.
f.    Teaching Junior Achievement to 4th Graders at Holy Spirit School


What Emerging Leaders event(s) are you looking forward to? 

a.    Reviewing scholarships in March for the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation
b.    Distributing Helpline Center awards on April 20th
c.    Emerging Leaders Annual Celebration on May 19th (more details to come)


What is the best way to connect with you?
Email or connect with me on Facebook and/or LinkedIn! You can also find me at most Sioux Falls YPN events 😊