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Life Changing Volunteer Experience

A home isn't a home without a place to lay your head. Furniture Mission of South Dakota collects and distributes gently used furniture to those in need. Volunteers play an important role in this solution to helping people in crisis:

Last month I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Furniture Mission. I went with a group of people out on a truck and delivered furniture on a Saturday morning. What I saw was eye-opening and life changing. I have always been able to afford my housing, furniture and food, and I understand that I am very fortunate. When I walked into the homes of people who had nothing, I felt guilty and overwhelmed with sadness. However, as we started bringing in their new furniture, the clients were so happy. They were so grateful and filled with hope. As we helped decorate their new apartments with furniture, you could see the pride they felt that their house felt like a home. Their home. I’ll never forget the experience, and I plan to continue volunteering my time to this organization. – Jon

Furniture Mission is one of 41 agencies funded by Sioux Empire United Way. Last year, 1,602 households were helped by the program.  Your gift to Sioux Empire United Way of $31.25 will provide materials for volunteers to build 1 bed frame, to provide a child with a bed to sleep in.