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Magic Happens Through HorsePower

The impact of a gift to Sioux Empire United Way can be seen through more than 80 programs, including HorsePower. Your support helps Henry:

Hippotherapy at HorsePower is probably the best therapy Henry receives. Henry has cerebral palsy and has difficulty with muscle stiffness, spasticity in all extremities, muscle coordination, and communication. He uses a wheelchair most of the time, can crawl limited distances, and needs a lot of assistance with most activities.  

Hippotherapy helps Henry in ALL these areas. HorsePower staff come up with new activities every week to work all areas of the body while riding. Riding helps Henry’s whole body loosen up so his muscles can engage and strengthen in appropriate ways. He is able to work on a variety of skills all at once such as engaging his core to stay upright while reaching for an object. Henry’s strength and coordination of his muscles has improved tremendously over the years with HorsePower. 

Henry has difficulty communicating, but once he gets on the horse, he talks nonstop. He listens to instructions and can carry out tasks he normally couldn’t do off the horse. 

The biggest reason we love HorsePower is because Henry just loves being on the horse. There is something magical that happens between him and the horse. There are days when Henry is upset, tired from school, and crying when we get to the barn. But as soon as he gets on the horse, he gets a huge smile and is instantly happy. I think riding changes the way his body feels. I think riding gives him a sense of control and independence he can’t feel anywhere else.  

We are so grateful for HorsePower and the life changing benefits it gives Henry.