New Hire FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on SEUW's New Hire Program

Q: I made a payroll deduction pledge at my previous employer. Do I still need to make a pledge at my new employer to continue payment?
A: Yes. In order for United Way to receive the remainder of your pledge, you will need to fill out a pledge card to allow your current employer to complete the payroll deductions.

Q: I don’t remember what I pledged at my last employer. Can I change my pledge amount?
A: Yes. If you don’t remember your previous pledge or if you would like to change it, just indicate what you would like to contribute out of each paycheck with your new employer.

Q: I’ve never donated to United Way before. Can I start my pledge now, or do I need to wait until the next campaign?
A: You can start donating to United Way at any time throughout the year!