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Thriving mother leads to thriving baby

All new mothers are faced with many questions. Will I know what to do? How do diaper changes work? How will I juggle my job (or school) with being a mom? Sometimes mothers face the question of, will I get to bring my baby home. Tori, a new mom faced just that situation when Child Protection Services had concerns about her ability to parent and removed her baby from her care. They quickly referred to Tori to Bright Start Nurse Home Visitation Program, knowing that with the program’s support, Tori might gain the knowledge, tools, and resources she needed to bring her baby home.

The Bright Start Nurse Home Visitation Program of Children’s Inn serves low-income, at-risk, first-time moms during pregnancy, after delivery, and through the child’s third birthday. The program provides prenatal, maternal, infant/child health assessments and education, parenting education, mental health services, and assistance with education and transportation.

Tori got right to work, with her Bright Start nurse. CPS told Tori she needed to accomplish several items to have her baby return home: move into her own place and demonstrate she can properly care for her baby, and secure stable employment. As the Bright Start nurse worked with Tori, educating her on infant development, the program also provided mental health support, and employment assistance.

Tori stayed committed, gaining supervised visits with her baby, which her nurse also attended. As she gained confidence, her visits transitioned to unsupervised. Each step took time and deliberate effort. Tori noted that without her Bright Start nurse by her side every step of the way, it would have been easier to give up.

Today, due to the support of her Bright Start nurse, Tori has her baby back in her custody and both are thriving. Tori remains on the Bright Start program and looks forward to what more she will learn from the program as her baby grows.