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Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew Berg

Emerging Leaders is celebrating three years in May. We are thankful for all our members, especially our Steering Committee.

We welcomed three new Steering Committee Members this year. Our second member is Andrew (Andy) Berg , Missouri River Energy, continue reading to learn more about Andy.


Let's get to know Andy littler more:

Andy and his wife Erin live in Sioux Falls. He is orginally from Emery, SD where he grew up with four sisters and one brother! Andy is a Transmission Engineer with Missouri River Energy and is looking forward to being even more invovled with his community through this leadership role with Emerging Leaders. 


1. Why did you want to get involved with Emerging Leaders?

Moving back to the area that I came from, after living in Rapid City and Grand Forks over the last 11 years, I wanted to get invovled in the community and volunteer my time. 


2. What is something you have learned that you wouldn't have without Emerging Leaders?

I never knew just how many great organziations, and people serving in those organizations, there are in the Sioux Empire communities. The number of different causes and different angles of stewardship that are happening each day is very impressive and very helpful. 


3. What are you watching/listening to in your free time lately?

Sports are an easy go to, but I am always open to go to a movie. I am really enjoying listening to podcast lately too, currently I am keeping up with a number of comedian-hosted podcasts. My favorite past time TV show is Breaking Bad and I look forward to the next season of Ozark and Black Mirror.  

4. What do you enjoy most about living in the Sioux Empire? 

Sioux Falls feels just like home. I really enjoyed my time living in Grand Forks and Rapid City, but this is where my family and closest friends are, this is home for us.