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Volunteer Spotlight: Angie Hillestad

As the 2020 Campaign planning sessions begin, we want to take the time to introduce our volunteers who make a big impact!

This week we want to introduce Angie Hillestad, National Assurance Partner, Eide Bailly LLP

1. Last photo on your phone you took?

My son and his friend at the Skyforce game (they are both 9 and one was eating a giant pretzel with cheese and one was eating a funnel cake topped with oreo cookies and chocolate chips – no diet concerns for those boys!)

2. How does Eide Bailly support your volunteer roles and any advice for others who are looking to get more involved and how to ask for that support?

EB encourages everyone in our Firm to make a difference in our local community. For many, involvement is usually more structured and “business-like” in nature (like serving on a Board or committee), but the Firm also provides everyone 8 hours of volunteer time a year to be used on any type of volunteer activity (like cleaning kennels at the Humane Society or serving breakfast at the food bank). At EB, we recognize that everyone benefits from a strong community and the Firm supports our efforts to make a difference. In Sioux Falls, we even close our office for a day each summer and do a community service project together as a team – for the last several years, we have painted houses with Habitat for Humanity.

If you want to get involved, but you don’t know what to do – just ask! Ask your boss, ask your co-workers, ask a friend. Another great option is to connect with the 2-1-1 Helpline. The Helpline, which is a United Way funded agency, has a multitude of volunteer opportunities available.

3. It takes a lot of collaboration for a Community Impact team to make decisions. As a chair, how do you build teamwork and understanding especially with so many different backgrounds?

Our CI team is awesome! I don’t do anything but show up. We all naturally work so well together. We come from very different places in our personal and professional lives, but I think those differences make our team strong. There is a real sense of appreciation for each team member; we truly value each other’s thoughts and contributions, and it allows us to approach every decision we make in a well-rounded way.   

4. How did you decide you wanted to volunteer with United Way and on the Community Impact team when there are so many options in the community? How many years have you been a volunteer?

I really don’t remember how I ended up volunteering with United Way! But I came on board six or seven years ago, and I will probably be here until the staff tells me they don’t need me anymore!

5. Best compliment you have received?

The other day at soccer practice, one of the other player’s dads told me that my son is a really good kid. Our boys are in the same class at school and my son had helped his son out during a little rough patch. Being a parent is hard, and I know I don’t always hit the mark but that was reassurance that my husband and I are doing a little something right!