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Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Jankord

Emerging Leaders is celebrating three years in May. We are thankful for all our members, especially our Steering Committee.

We welcomed three new Steering Committee Members this year. Our first is, Anna Jankord, The University Center, continue reading to learn more about Anna.

Let's get to know Anna a littler more:

Anna is originally from Sioux Falls, but most recently her and her family moved back to South Dakota from Minneapolis. Her husband Brad works for US Bank, loves to golf, and is a Community Impact volunteer with United Way. Brad and Anna have a two year old daughter, Grace, who loves to play hide & seek and giggle! The Jankord family is also excited to welcome a baby boy this summer.

1. There are many organizations to get involved with, why did you want to get involved with Emerging Leaders?

I am happiest when I feel a sense of belonging and can dedicate time to better my community. Emerging Leaders is a logical connection to doing just that. I look forward to not only serving in the community but also learning about the variety of programs and organizations in our city.

2. What events have you enjoyed the most?

I have only lived back in Sioux Falls for a short time so I am just getting my feet wet with SEUW and Emerging Leaders events. However, my favorite way to get involved with a SEUW funded agency is coaching for Girls on the Run through EmBe. I am energized by young girls and their incredible perspective on growing up happy and healthy.

3. What is the last book you read?

I have 2 or 3 books going right now. I am re-reading The Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon because I can always be reminded of ways to be a positive leader. The last book I finished was Michelle Obama’s Becoming...what an amazing read!

4. What is the best compliment you have received?

I teach Leadership and Career Development for USD and as the students wrapped up final presentations this week, one of the students thanked me for helping her find her strength to be a confident woman, ready to enter the professional world as a leader. Student development is my passion and profession and I am always proud to see the immense growth in my students.