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Volunteer Spotlight: Kendra Siemonsma

As the 2020 Campaign planning sessions begin, we want to take the time to introduce our volunteers who make a big impact! 

This week we want to introduce Kendra Siemonsma, Corporate Administration Advisor for Sanford

1. We can officially see the ground and hopefully no more snow... What is your favorite thing about Spring?

No more winter coats!

2. What program have you found to be the most impactful to you, your family, or our community?

Programs that are tailored to support at-risk youth in our community. I truly believe that we need to invest in our future, which begins with our children.

3. What is your role as a Community Impact Chair?

I always say the Chair title is a fancy way to say meeting facilitator. I facilitate discussions amongst the volunteer committee members as they review and determine funding requests.

4. What do you enjoy most about the allocation process?

I enjoy the discussions with the agency leaders and hearing the impact stories.

5. What is a travel destination on your bucket list?

South Korea. That is my birthplace and someday I would like to visit it with my family.