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Volunteer Spotlight: Monie Siemonsma

Sioux Empire United Way is very grateful for the leaders of our community to give their time, energy, and passion to our organization year after year. We have many great leaders who serve on our Board of Directors and we would not be able to continue to make an impact in the 33 communities of the Sioux Empire without their expertise and leadership.  Let's get to know a few of these members.

Our Heart Club Chair, Monie Siemonsma from Siemonsma Electric. 

1. You had the opportunity to visit many of the agencies this fall, what would you highlight from these tours?

The compassion, love, and energy that the agency executives and staff have for their clients, their programs, and the Sioux Empire is unbelievable. I lost count of how many times my eyes filled with tears when stories of "needs" were shared during an agency visit. I gained a much better understanding of where every Sioux Empire United Way dollar is spent and utilized.  I honestly thought I had a pretty decent understanding of how United Way dollars impacted each agency, but the tours opened my eyes even more. This was a very enjoyable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone. 

2. What is the most heartfelt gift you have received?

Each year, my loving grandma gave my sisters and me a beautiful Hallmark Christmas ornament for Christmas. We received these ornaments from our first Christmas until her passing two years ago.  It warms my heart to see my children hang these on our Christmas tree in honor of her. What a special and heartfelt gift that will keep on giving for years to come. .

3. As a Heart Club member yourself and volunteer for United Way, why do you continue to give back? 

This is an easy one….I give because I believe.  I believe because I have seen with my own eyes the needs that are in our community.  I believe because I have listened to the impact that one small dollar can make in the life of someone in need.  I believe because I have seen our United Way staff and volunteers diligently working to provide support to programs. I believe…

4. In 10 words or less, can you tell us about your Sioux Empire United Way experience? 

I know you have heard this in the past, but this is truly how I feel. I have personally received way more from my volunteer experience at our SEUW than I could ever give in return.  Is that ten words or less? 

5.  Anything else you wish to share with our community members?

Thank you doesn’t seem enough… Thank you to our United Way Staff.  Thank you to our United Way agencies.  Thank you to our United Way programs.  Thank you to our United Way volunteers.  Thank you to our generous and caring community members for believing and giving!