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Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan Donovan

As the 2020 Campaign planning sessions begin, we want to take the time to introduce our volunteers who make a big impact!

This week we want to introduce Ryan Donovan, Director of Avera PACE

1. Do you ‘celebrate’ April Fool’s Day in your office or family?

I always joke around in the office, I don’t need April Fool’s Day to do that! I have a daughter with a birthday on April 1st, so we also spend it celebrating.

2. What has been the biggest change you have seen in a program, agency, or for SEUW while serving on CI?

It is rewarding to see a nonprofit grow a program with a grant (up to three years of funding), or grow their overall agency through United Way support. That’s the type of change I like to see with the agencies we work with.

3. As a team, there are many big requests that come in. There is a lot more decision making behind a yes or a no especially when it comes to financials. What have you found to be the most difficult in these decisions?

When it comes to United Way funding, all of the agencies we work with are running programs that are vital to specific needs. When we say no, it’s not because the program is not important, it could be due to a more pressing need in another area. Or a slight change they need to make within their agency to be prepared for future funding. It is hard to not be able to provide everyone with what they may be asking for, but it also forces agencies to pay very close attention to their expenses. Which is a good thing for the agencies and donors.

4. How did you find yourself serving on a Community Impact (CI) team within SEUW?

Kristi Kranz and I attended Leadership Sioux Falls together. She asked if I would be interested in joining a CI team, and I obviously said yes! The Youth Development team is a great team to serve on. Our future generations are very important.

5. Are you watching March Madness?

Unlike the rest of the free world, I tend to pay zero attention to March Madness. Not sure why I just never get into it. I will be cheering for the USD women’s team this year though! Go Yotes!

Youth Development Team Group Photo, Ryan is front right.