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Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan Ling

As the 2020 Campaign planning sessions begin, we want to take the time to introduce our volunteers who make a big impact!

This week we want to introduce Ryan Ling, Director of Operations, MedVantax Pharmacy Services

1. What is one skill you wish to learn and why?

I would love to learn how to fly. It would give me and my family so much more freedom with the one commodity that no one ever has enough of – time.

2. Are there any unmet needs or services in the Sioux Empire you wish to see?

This community is exceptionally strong at identifying and supporting unmet needs, however, there is always more work to do as our community changes and grows.

3. How do you get your family involved in giving back?

I started small by taking my family with when we would make donations to the St. Francis house and as my kids grow older I continue to get them more involved with volunteering and serving others, whether that’s through church or one of our partner agencies.

4. As a Community Impact Chair, you have to make many tough decisions. As a team leader, how do you guide your team through those?

I’ve been blessed with having amazing teammates at SEUW and in my professional career. I simply lay out the goal and try to provide a clear direction and the team often does a phenomenal job of listening to each other and being open-minded, ultimately leading to us all feeling the right decisions are being made.

5. Do you have a go-to show?

We just got done watching “The Masked Singer” which was fun as we tried to guess who was behind the mask. I only got 2 right (Deer and Bee)!