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Volunteers Needed for Upcoming Challenge Days

Adult volunteers are needed for upcoming Challenge Days in area schools in October. Sioux Empire United Way has funded Challenge Day in area schools since 2012.

Challenge Day is a powerful, high-energy program in which youth and adult participants are guided through a series of experiential learning processes. The goals of the program are to increase personal power and self-esteem, to shift dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support and to eliminate the acceptability of teasing, violence, and other forms of oppression. Challenge Day is designed to unite members of a school and community and to empower them to carry the themes of the program back to the school population.

Adult volunteers are crucial for the success of Challenge Day. Adults meet with Challenge Day coordinators prior to the start of the day's program to learn more about the program and their role. No prior training is necessary. Challenge Day staff closely monitor the programs and provide all instruction to both student and adult participants. The only responsibility of adult participants is committing to participate in the full day's experience (typically between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm).

Challenge Days are happening within: Baltic, Brandon Valley, Bridgewater, Canton, Harrisburg Middle, Parker Middle and High, and Tea Middle schools. If you are interested in volunteering for a Challenge Day program, please contact United Way staff for details.