Cultivating Legacies: The Impact of Planned Giving through Sioux Empire United Way

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In the realm of philanthropy, there lies a profound opportunity to create a lasting legacy while making a tangible difference in our community. Sioux Empire United Way offers a pathway for individuals to leave a meaningful impact through planned giving—a thoughtful approach to charitable contributions that extends far beyond a single donation. By incorporating planned giving into your estate planning, you're not only shaping the future of our community but also securing benefits for yourself and your loved ones.


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Planned giving encompasses diverse methods through which individuals can champion causes close to their hearts while optimizing their financial and estate plans. From endowments and bequests to trusts and real estate, the options are diverse and flexible, allowing donors to customize their contributions to align with their values and financial circumstances. By leveraging these strategies, donors can amplify the impact of their gifts, ensuring sustained support for vital community programs and initiatives for years to come.


Ways to Give

Endowments and cash gifts serve as cornerstone pillars of support, providing immediate resources for Sioux Empire United Way to address pressing needs in our community. Meanwhile, bequests by will provide a powerful opportunity to leave a legacy, allowing donors to allocate a portion of their estate to uphold the causes they championed during their lifetime. Charitable trusts offer a pathway to structure donations in a manner that benefits both the organization and the donor's estate planning goals.


Real estate, life insurance benefits, and stocks and bonds constitute valuable assets that can be transformed into meaningful contributions, affording donors flexibility in how they choose to support Sioux Empire United Way. Additionally, IRA or retirement funds can be designated to support charitable causes, providing tax advantages while leaving a lasting impact on the community.


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Memorial and appreciation gifts offer a poignant avenue to honor loved ones or express gratitude for the positive impact Sioux Empire United Way has had on the community. Gift annuities provide donors with a reliable income stream while advancing the organization's mission, fostering a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties involved.


To explore more planned giving options and discuss how you can create your legacy through Sioux Empire United Way, please contact our Major Gifts & Planned Giving Director. They can assist you in navigating the various giving options and crafting a plan that reflects your philanthropic vision and financial objectives. Your planned gift has the power to transform lives and shape the future of our community—let's work together to create positive change that endures for generations to come.


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