Why Incorporate A New Hire Program

New Hire Kit ImageYour United Way campaign is wrapped up, but you have new employees starting soon. Some of them may be unaware of what United Way is or what support your company gives to Sioux Empire United Way and our funded partners. Maybe they are coming from another organization where they made a pledge and want to continue with that, how does that work?

Sioux Empire United Way created a New Hire Program to allow for employees to give any time outside of the fall campaign. This not only helps United Way stay connected with donors but allows you as a company to introduce United Way early on and perhaps, give incentives to new hires too. We asked a representative from Five Star Call Centers to share their experience with the New Hire program and why they continue to include this information within their own new hire orientation. 

Why do Five Star Call Centers use the SEUW New Hire Program?  
At Five Star Call Centers, we believe in the work of the Sioux Empire United Way and its impact across our local communities. Many of our team members have shared personal stories on how they and their families have benefited from the funded programs. We want our new team members to know right out of the gate that our support of SEUW is fundamental to our company. The new hire packets provided by the SEUW make the benefits simple to understand and the impact memorable.

How do Five Star Call Centers incorporate the New Hire packets into your own orientation?  
Each new hire receives a New Hire Program packet on their first day at Five Star Call Centers. We also have a SEUW employee champion present at new hire orientations on the benefits the organization provides local programs.

What is Five Star Call Centers expectation or follow-up process?  
We have an open-door policy with our employee champions and our employees. Circumstances change throughout the year, and employees that may not have been able to donate at the time of orientation may be able to donate later in the year. We are happy to answer questions and walk-through how their donation, no matter the size, can enhance programming in the Sioux Empire. 

How have your employees reacted to this program upon their new hire? 
As an employee champion for the past several years, I have had multiple people approach me after presenting on the SEUW and tell me how much they appreciate our support of the organization because they do, or have, used the programs supported. The programs of the SEUW have made such an impact on our employees’ lives, and, in return, they are proud to give back to the organization. 

How has this helped your employees transition/pre-pare for your big internal campaign in the fall?  
The SEUW is engrained in our culture. When we launch our campaign rallies in the fall it’s not the first time our team members have heard of the SEUW and its partners. They hear and learn about the impact throughout the year from our employee champions and our leaders. Our employees know that this isn’t something we just focus on once a year but something that we are committed to all the time in our Five Star community.

Do those that give through the New Hire program receive any incentive/benefit like they would if they gave during the annual campaign?  
Our new hires that give at the Heart Club level or higher also receive our Five Star Call Centers Heart Club gift.

Why should another company use this program?  
Small, intimate discussions have been important to our success. Whether it's small rally sizes during our fall campaign or small groups during the new hire process, the group sizes really help us personalize the impact of the United Way on that group.

Sioux Empire United Way's New Hire Program is designed to open the conversation for your company to share more about your community connections with United Way and our funded partners. Your impact is making a difference every day, not just during the fall campaign. "Build the Sioux Empire United Way into your everyday business culture. Talking about and sharing the work of the SEUW throughout the year is a great way for your employees and team members to understand the impact of the organization's work," stated Valerie Julius, Five Star Call Centers. 

If you are interested in the SEUW New Hire Program or have other questions, please contact us today.